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Rework moa shockwave viusals


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I'd like to see a rework of the visuals of the Moa shockwave. Currently the shockwave is displayed as an expanding orange circle on the ground (which in my opinion doesn't look where shockwave-y in the first place). While the shockwave doesn't look very good while travelling acroos the floor, things turn worse when the shockwave hits a wall and expands along the wall.

Please take a look at the following screenshots to see what I'm talking about:




In my opinion the quality of the effect is very low once it gets stretched across a wall. I am aware that this may not be as noticable when in motion, but I still noticed it and so did others too, I guess.

I don't know if it is feasible (in terms of programming), but I'd like to suggest to stop the shockwave from climbing up walls or at least stop it from getting stretched and keep it a simple line (like it already is when travelling across the floor).

But this is not my only problem. As already mananged I don't think that the orange circle is an appropriate effect for displaying a shockwave. Instead I'd like to see an expanding ring of small debris being thrown into the air by the shockwave - similar to the effect of the Rhino stomp (see the screenshot below for reference), but on a smaller scale (ie the pieces of debris are smaller and won't get thrown into the air very high) .


Any opinions?

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