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Multiple Archwing Problems After Host Migration In Interception, Also Some Archwing Bugs


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After a host migration, i found myself having something like 6 points to capture, there were multiple points with the same letter. Fortunately only one of them has to be captured, the other one just doesn't cap at all.


But then another host migration, and i found myself locked in to a certain altitude, i cant move up or down. Also the ambient noise disappeared, and this remained until i restarted the game.


And after the round finished, the previous round's reward is not offered when i extracted. Maybe this is a general bug happening to the new reward system with Interception and Defense, so yeah, best to check on that.


Also just with Archwing in general, when i go for melee, the camera angle always ends up further than the original angle, this is reverted when I start shooting but it's kinda bothering me a little.

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