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My General Feedback..


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1: The Grineer hacking "minigame".
I found it very very frustrating, time consuming and detrimental to the game.
I am normally a very patient person, but this just sends me into a flying rage.

On behalf of me and my keyboard - please redesign this.
On behalf of my eyes - and for all the colorblind - please redesign this.

2: Corpus hacking minigame..
Poor contrast and off-center placement also make this something that needs to be redesigned.
Still, I like it more then the new Grineer thingy..twitch-based stuff and my non-state-off-the-art-keyboards make it not very enjoyable.

3: The Archwing.
The process (Quests) to get it where OK.. 
The building process accompanied by Ordis telling me every mission "what I was waiting for".. that is not OK.
-> see point 4 Ordis
The Archwing first mission; nice try, but it is absurdly chaotic when all of a sudden you get shot at from a million zillion directions, shields gone, health gone.. dead..
That is not a challenge, that is simply overloading the player with a bombardment and expecting them to make the most of it.
I have Forfeited that mission 3 times now and I do not plan on finishing it anymore..

Archwing Ordonatus itself; also a nice try..
Engine glare... ouch.. way too much!
Design.. not really Tenno worthy I think.
Abilities: not tested yet because I get blown up from random everywhere.
Sounds (Guns especially): really poor. I had expected the Imperator to be a heavy duty Gorgon like gun.
Screen shake while boosting: again; ouch!

4: Ordis and Liset
Initally I found Ordis to be funny... I know I can shut him up, but the thing is; if he had more to say or actually relevant things to say, i'd be able to tolerate him better.
Especially with the Archwing already cooking in my Foundry, I did not like it to be reminded of it after every mission.

Liset Radio however - that thing really grinds my gears..
No variation in broadcasts, nothing useful in addition to anything Tenno and..
No way to turn that P.O.S. off..
I rather see that thing replaced with something useful - a comms panel for Friends & Clan for example.
Or a panel that lets me access my Inventory.

Liset ambient sounds.. I tolerate them but find them quite annoying.
There is no quiet spot on the ship where a Tenno could kneel and have a nice hot cup of Meditation.

5: Grineer new enemies: Drakh and his dogs.
I really hope that Disarm thing is a bug.. otherwise, in combination with that Grineer Cypher minigame, will make me stop fighting them altogether.
Losing my weapon, getting Hooked by Scorpions, facebumped by brown annoying dogs, burstfired by Seekers (that crazy r.o.f.!) and being teleported+confused by Commanders...
It is too much..

And then have to go scrounging for my lost weapon that has turned into an unranked one..
Just no..

This along with the increased weapon accuracy...
Just no..

6: Changes to certain missions & random stuff.
- Baal Europa, now where do we farm for Oxium now?
- Void keys? I lost track of where to get them apart from Survival - a gamemode I rather not play alot, because I hate it.
- Modsets like Tethra's Doom and other event mod sets, are they in the droptables yet? To me it is unclear.

That's all I could think of right now.
Thanks for reading.

- Ixhaton

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maps and things you like to do and enjoy in warframe always gets taken away with every update, proof is in the last one. there is no reason whatsoever for DE to do these things only to annoy everyone that plays the game. most changes especially the air directional attack is just plain "STUPID" for normal heavy melee weapons as it limits doing chain combos and ground slams.


 you've touched some very good points with the newly added dog whisperer disarming your primary, but when its floating in mid air with no way of retrieving it  well it falls in the realm of WTF! were they thinking.


 Archwing magnetism to objects and the enemies inside of rocks  ships ect has been an issue with every update,patch or change since I have been playing this game and it is YET to be actually addressed even though it has been reported since the dawn of Warframe.


 Excuses excuses, oh it's a bug, oh we're working on it. oh we have a small staff, yayda yada err NO!  you can look at all the screenshots of these bugs glitches ect or whatever you call it on my steam account screenshots<<  Rankin95>>


 note to devs, we play along with the changes but we don't like  it..

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