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Glaive Unique Syndicate Mod Idea


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I see a good trend in the current syndicate unique weapon mods. 


The Glaive Prime is a really nice weapon, but suffers a bit from power creep, and being too similar stat-wise to the plain Glaive.


I propose a mod specially for the Glaive Prime to enhance it.


Deadly Spin


Bounce targets closest enemy.

Base crit 50%

Base crit damage 200% 

Base status 50%


Targeted Rebound - Glaive becomes a 'Sentient Blade'. Instead of bouncing in random directions, the Glaive targets enemies closest to it. If there is no enemy in range of (XX TBD) meters  it will 'rebound' to the same enemy and hit it again in 0.1 seconds.


The mod does not act as a multiplier to stats. Instead it replaces the base stats of the weapon. Changing the base stats also completely alters the results of the weapon's modding. This opens up new possibilities for the weapon. 


Base crit chance becomes 50%.

Base crit damage becomes 200%.

It may seem a lot, but in reality you are adding 100% of the damage 50% of the time, which is like adding 50% damage to the weapon. Why not just buffing base damage then? To make the crit mods useful for the weapon. 

Base status chance 50%. Also opens up the weapon for killer status builds. 






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