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Gamebreaking Bug On Custom Keybinds


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Ok, so i use different binds:


ESDF to move, A to jump, Space to Crouch, W to Use, Mouse 3 and mouse 4 for sprint and melee.


Before the archwing update, the only issue is that when looking at the melee combos on a stance, it would not display anything (where there's E on default settings, no symbol nor text renders for "mouse 4")




After archwing, new grineer hack console minigame were added, well.... the center displays "space" but pressing space does nothing,  pressing A which is my crouch key, does nothing, there's nothing that can be pressed for it to work, so in order to hack a grineer terminal i have to switch to default, hack the console, then re-do all my keys again...


That really sucks, maybe not everyone with custom controls has this issue, maybe it's just that it ignores A since it's usually a movement key but still waits for the jump input, i don't know. I can't use my usual keys and hack grineer consoles.


Please someone take a look at this, thanks.


EDIT: didn't notice there was a bug specific section, will repost it properly according to guidelines, my apologies.

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