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Boltor Prime Void Build?



I've seen a few different builds, but I'm stuck between two. It's probably an obvious answer, but which of these builds is better for high level void?


Note: I haven't fully upgraded all my mods yet, so I've put my current one and my maxed one.


Corrosive + Cold (Maxed) 


1) http://goo.gl/wQCbWH


Corrosive and cold (current)


2) http://goo.gl/wN7qQs



Viral + Electric (Maxed)


1) http://goo.gl/v8iV33


Viral + Electric (current)


2) http://goo.gl/z7wM9H


As you can see, all I have done is switched the cryo round position. BUt which one would be more effective when maxed??








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