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Archwing Is Good But Why No Up Or Down Movment


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please tell me the lack of up and down movment controls is a bug.

first off yes i know i can point in the up or down direction and move foward to go that way what i am talking about is the ability to move up or down without pointing in that dirction, basicly verticle strafeing.

this drive me batty as a person who has done a lot of game with 3demionsion air combat, the lack of the ability to strafe up or down is more then a little irritateing. especilly when your trying to navigate around obsticles while fighting.

for those who are going to say, but it propolsion based so your only supposed to be able to move foward. 1. your arm and head are not fixed in the same location as your body so you should not only have to move in the direction you aim. 2. you have left and right strafeing so up and down strafeing makes just as much sence. 3. if it was propulsion based you would be always moveing foward at all times.

and for those who say it not needed, or pointless, or im being over critical. well that is your opinion and your welcome to it but i disagree, while it might not be the same for others this lack of vertical straeing make arching almost unplayable for me, cause im constantly trying to move up or down while fighting enimies and useing obsticles for cover and then smacking into them, and then haveing to look away from enimes in order to navigate around obsticle. it drive me batty and heavly grates on my nerves each time it happens.

i know sevel people wont agree with me and thats fine. but i would appreciate it if people who reply make logical argmunet aginst what im saying, or at least polite ones and not be ♥♥♥ hats or trolls.

P.S. if i am off my rocker and there is verticle strafeing and im just missing how to do it please explain it to me,

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I was wondering about this since I bound crouch to left shift and it doesn't work. I guess I should report this.

ya after getting brow beaten by several people for no auto knowing this i found that the keys dont rebind at all.

guess its my fault for not likeing the basic controls and rebinding them. what ever i know now and will just have to wait till this is fixed

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