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Do Higher Tier Sigils Increase Rep Gains?



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I've also been wondering this, but i don't think many have grinded enough to know the answer yet.


People have grinded their way to rank 2 already... I could buy the cheapest sigil right now, but I don't want to waste rep on it if it's useless.

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Confirmed, Sigils Are Purely Cosmetic!

(By myself and Many others).


I was curious about the same question so I decided to test it.

 I Purchased the New Loka Seed Sigil for 5000 Standing and ran several 10 minute Wahiba Mars missions solo.

Results with:

Standard New Loca Sigil

154, 127, 169, 131, 140 Standing

New Loca Seed Sigil

129, 160, 158, 138, 126 Standing

(I ignored mission results if I activated a Life Support.)*


Yes it is a small test, however there appears to be No difference.


I'm not complaining, I like the idea of differentiating myself from the casual pay to win players, but perhaps the word "Cosmetic" should be in Sigil description.



*Before I'm asked, Nekros Desecrate with an AOE weapon.

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