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Europa Nav Segment Won't Drop From Lieutenant Lech Kril And Captain Vor


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I have killed Lieutenant Lech Kril and Captain Vor over and over again to be able to get to Europa so I can start farming material for the archwing, warframes etc.. but the navigation segment never drops, this is extra annoying since the computer in the ship tells me to start crafting the archwing everytime I click the Navigation unit.
Tried to play maps including the boss on europa in hopes it would give me the navsegment to the place I was but no luck there either.

Any ideas on solutions?

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Wait, I am slightly confused.  Clarify the following a bit please?


You are killing Lech Kril and Vor on Phobos and not Receiving a Nav segment for Europa?  But you are able to access Europa as you say you tried playing maps including the boss on Europa in hopes of the nav segment to the place you "were".  Which place was that? 


Also, if you are able to access Europa why would you need it's nav segment?

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Just to add to this thread I am experiencing the same problem along with two of my friends. We ran the boss node on Phobos several times yesterday, enough to have all the parts for the frame that gets dropped (Trinity iirc) and still have no Nav Segments to unlock Europa.


As a result of this our "progression" through the solar system has been halted. 

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Ran maps on Europa by beeing in a group with people suggesting maps on Europa.

I can't remember the names of the maps we tried on Europa but one of them was the assasination one so I have Neptune unlocked.

The people trying to help me by suggesting maps on Europa was just random friendly players. Thanks for trying!


(edit: added information)

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I'm in the same boat as those here. I've completed the boss fight about half a dozen times now, and no dice. I just filed a support request a few moments ago.


One thing I've also noticed is that the "target" field under the mission node itself is blank. That is, while it says that it's an Assassination mission it doesn't say Vor/Leech when looking at it from the star map. I'm not sure if the two are related.

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I also do not find the nav segment for eurpa since the archwing patch. I beat the bosses 5 or 6  times already. How do I open a support ticket?



How do I actually open a support ticket?


Sorry guys, missed this yesterday.


Click the big warframe logo (top left) or just go to https://warframe.com


Log In.


Hover your cursor over the Community button at the top and you will see a Support link there.


Follow that link and you will see a "Submit a request" link near the top.


Follow that link and politely explain your issue to the chap or chapess who will ultimately look at this for you.

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