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[Ooc] Need Suggestions For Action-Horror Post


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Hey everyone Krauserlols here. You may know me as the creator of the waky Reniko, i know you guys have enjoyed her quite alot.


Now all this posts with parties and talk shows are find and all but i want to go to the next lvl. I want to show Reniko as a foe, what she will do if you dare fight her and since psichological warfare is one of he specialties i would like it to be kind of a mix of Action and Horror.


The basics will be 4 Tenno on uncharted land. Maybe doing an assessination or something like that, still working on the plot.


I wanna kill something already!






BACK I TELL YOU BACK!! *sprays some water on her*


FU** ITS COLD! *jumps on to the other side of the wall*


Anyways on the meantime i would like to hear some suggestions from Veteran Roleplayers of the forums, ideas for the plot, narrative, advices on how to do action and all that good stuff. I have Roleplayed alot for some time but im nowhere near an expert and i have never done an action Roleplay with fights and stuff so i would like to get some suggestion to grow more as a roleplayer.


Thanks in advance.

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