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Doors Wont Open At Archwing


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second bug


map markers are confusing as hell. tyvm

this i can agree with... first mission i ran right at the formorian ship thinking thats what i had to do... died two times before my minimap went "GO DIS WAY!"...yeah wasnt to happy... couple times ive had it point into the void of space then after being yelled at that i will be extracted it auto corrected...

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do they actually test their game? lol.
anyways, i know this is new content
and this game have its great throne for buggy new content release

btw, this door locked bug and map confusion problem i encounter is for the corpus tileset not the huge empty space map. duh
funny how teammates going back and forth with no sense of direction like flies hovering on a poo, count me in too.

i also think that doors are similar to non-archwing mission where doors doesnt open since the host lags badly
but sometimes its just bugged and nothing to do with host, tried solo


so yea. great game. 11/10 bugs , will take a break and come back u15.5

edit: o yeah, friends crash most of the time since this u15 came, lots of host mig over there and here. 
not to mention the small chance of nat prob lel 


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