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Need Help Killing Ancients

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i'm playing as mag and i need advice taking ancients down.


mag: http://i.imgur.com/C6IhClX.jpg


strun: http://imgur.com/RT2YKXi.jpg


lex: http://imgur.com/orjOMBe.jpg


dual zoren: http://i.imgur.com/WEZNmlj.png


context: infestation defense farming on xini on eris.



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You have modded Dual Zoren for charge attacks, but its base charge damage is very low (Base Charge Damage 55.0). This does not sound very effective.


You would kill them much faster with a good charge attack melee weapon, like Dual Heat Swords.


That said, Strun should kill them quite ok with those mods, though of course supercharge would be better. And Hek even better. Or a rifle like Boltor.


On the pistol side, Akbolto would be a good option. Bolt weapons have native armor piercing, and ancients have high armor.

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