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Minimap Issue + Archwing Bug Maybe


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As the Title say it , the mini map is just getting less accurate with every update we get , can you please fix it ?


What happening : 


As host I noticed that :


-If someone join me , minimap will show random location

-If host lag , minimap will show random location


This is quite annoying with archwing , even with regular map , I mean you 're in space and they can be hidden or block anywhere....



2 nd bug (that how it happen , I don't know or can tell if that how it work) :


When i was hosting archwing limbo quest (the very first one for orbs) , I got killed many time , and didn't / couldnt revive after using all , but my team still managed to win (100% intercept) 


but here the funny part , Since i was dead and looking what my team mate was doing i noticed the following (and asked them what they was doing) Theire mini map was showing wrong location , when they spotted ennemies , or was near , they couldnt see them , they was getting fired but not getting damage , and I (since I'm host) was the only one able to see the ennemies ...


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