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Kubrow Imprint Swap

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I am interested in trading my kubrow imprints for other imprints.

Tell me what you're looking for- I may have it. I may be willing to try breeding it. Except lotus - I'm not really interested in the pattern, and will not have any on hand unless I get it from a random breeding.

I usually use the color palettes in my own Kubrow, so I do have prefer colors that are not on the palette, but I will accept any colors. I am interested in all breeds, all patterns EXCEPT lotus. I prefer the Athletic build, but I will consider all body types. If you absolutely must have one of my imprints, but you don't have any you want to trade, platinum is an option.

I have over 30 unique imprints right now, which is just too many to post here.

Check this link for pictures! http://imgur.com/a/wasxe


Thanks for stopping in!

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One or both imprints? I had planned a couple crosses from her, but if you have an imprint I'd like to use, I'm happy to trade. My favorite features are the rich gold, brown, red, or blue you can't find on the palettes, merle and domino patterns, green eyes, short ears, short noses. I usually like athletic body types, but I do want to have a nice variety.

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