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Account Dissabled Until 2035?



So here is what happened; I bought platnum over the weekend and received double the amount of platnum that I bought. I didnt really think too much about it at first, I thought I just got random bonus or something.


When I mentioned it to my friend he said that he hadn't ever seen such a thing and that it was probably a glitch. I had already spent most of it at this point. I then went to the warframe website to try and get to the support page but every time I logged in and clicked the support button at the bottum of the page it just reroughted me back to the homepage.


I figured the clerical error would resolve itself and DE would eventually just charge me for the additional plat.


Today when I tried to log in I got an error saying my account was banned due to a negative platnum balance. Banned until 2035.


Can anyone help me fix this please.

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I also have had this problem, and have contacted them about it.  I bought plat right at the release of archwing to accelerate the process, and got double, and assumed the same thing.  Used most of it, and today i am banned to 2035.  Hopefully they can clear this up quick, cause I know my kubrow wont be happy or can die if this takes too long....

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Had a founder friend be told that his account was minus several thousand plat and was banned till 2035.

He hadn't played since the Alpha so it looked like the updates inbetween ruined his account on their side.


He felt insulted and never pursued the problem. So he just created a new account.

I suggest that you don't do what he did and file a support ticket.

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