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Entire Archwing Map Is Upside Down After Revive


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I ran into a bit of an issue during the Limbo quest.


Earlier I was bleeding out and I had nothing to do during those 20 seconds other than spin around at weird angles. I can't remember if I was facing directly up or down when I clicked revive, but this was the result.




But what else is upside down other than me?




Wait, everything? Yeah.


Note the energy restore and the radio tower. I was looking at everything upside down, and my directional controls were 100% reversed. It was pretty much impossible to aim at anything I wanted to. (Hell, I was barely even coordinated enough to get both the energy restore and the tower in the same screenshot which wouldn't normally be a hard task)


Again, I'm at least I'm pretty sure it was because I revived while facing directly up or down.

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