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I Don't Get Argon Crystals.i Need Them Urgently.how Can I Get Them?



I played void mission completely still i didn't get argon crystals..i played other boss missions too..still no progress.can you please increase the drop rate of the crystals so all the players can build items.I need one for building kubrow.How will i make one without it.please help.I need them too for building weapons

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Argon Crystals seem a bit derpy.  I get none doing 30 wave defenses or 40 minute survivsla in T1 and T2 but I get 4 doing T4 survival for 40 minutes.


So then I go to build the stuff and I've got 5 because I picked one up from an alert earlier but later on I go to build one of the new weapons I forgot existed and see I've got 7 argon crystals (did no missions between the building of those items).



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I've done many various T1s and T2s over the past few weeks and Crystal drops were close to zero.

The only success I had was doing T3s.


Then one day, all my crystal doubled !!

The 3 I had became 6. Then they all decayed the day after.

Weirdest thing ever.


Anyways, try T3s. lol


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