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New Warframe: Limbo Bugs


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- when in the rift, I'm still vulnerable to cc (like knock back, stun, etc...), tested with "rift walk" ability against corrupted heavy gunners and corrupted ancients in the void.
- against toxic ancients, I'm still vulnerable to their poison damage when I'm in the rift (tested with "rift walk" ability)

both next bugs are in spy mission:
- when I carry a data unit, if I use "rift walk" ability, It makes drop the data unit, and I can't take it back as long I'm in the rift.
- I can't use "banish" ability on someone carrying a data units.

due to this last bug, I wonder if when someone carrying a data unit enter in my cataclysm ability, does he go to the rift or not ? cause when he enter, the data unit doesn't drop.

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The inability to carry mission objective things like data units and power cores while in the rift plane is intentional.


As for the Eximus things- I'd expect that these probably are not intended, as some other odd behaviour was patched up in 15.0.5 just a few minutes ago.

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