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Archwing Mods Wont Show When I Open The Mod Window


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stupid stupid me, 

i found out that a Filter was activated, dunno how it got there but it shows all the mods now.




Hello all,


I recently encountered a bug with the Archwing mods i couldnt find anywhere in the forums.

Mods that i looted in archwing missions show up when i enter the upgrade window for melee/range but wont show up in the upgrade window.

for example:
i have looted the parrallax scope (crit chance) for the rifle, i'm able to equip the mod trough the upgrade window (all the other mods for rifle/melee are showing here)

but when i want to fusion the mod it wont show in the mods window and i'm unable to upgrade the mod.


the mods i currently have and has this problem:



-Mag extension

-Parrallax scope

-Combustion rounds



-Cutting edge

-Bleeding edge



Only exception for me is the venomous clip mod for the rifle, strangely this one will show up in the mods window.

A friend of mine (probably like the most of you) does not have this problem.


The problem still occurred after multiple loggins and after today's update 27-10-14


Thx for the time 



I'm not very familiar with posting on forums, when given a link to upload screenshots i will provide them.

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