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Ash - The Mad Bomber [U15 Build]


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So with the introduction of U15 we've got a few interesting mods to play too,

Among all of them one took my attention: Transitient Fortitude.


Beside its most obvious uses (on Rhino/Saryn for example) i found a place for it on... ASH.


The idea was to create a frenetic gameplay action, stunlock based... and so i did :)


To make the build work other mods were needed too obviously, the core ones are:


Fleeting Expertise (rank 4 of 5)

Over Extended (max)

Streamline (max)

Stretch (max)

Natural Talent (max)


These mods are absolutely needed and work in tandem with Transitient Fortitude to the proper functionality of this build.


Basically you'll end up with Smoke Bomb costing only 9 energy (you'll have 170) and lasting around 2 seconds,

the whole point of the build is not being invisible... is spamming the AoE stun (which lasts about 3 seconds)!


Teleport will help you moving from crowd to crowd and/or reach swarmed team mates, immediately making breathing room for whoever need it.


Shuriken is not really needed but... well it's there... it deals nice dmg and almost 0.01 cast time thanks to Natural Talent


Blade Storm is avaiable too but it's more to give ur fingers a few seconds break before going back to your furious button spam :D


Here is a screenshot of the build (note: NO FORMAS NEEDED!)



And here is a small gameplay video i made (1st video i've ever uploaded lol, so forgive me about its quality)


Link if not showing: 


The footage was taken from a Kiste - Ceres run, against lvl 33-37 grineers


Hope you'll like this alternative way to play Ash!

This is a TRUE BERSERKER style!


1 warning only: this build causes finger pain after intensive usage XD


Comments & questions are welcome :)

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The efficiency cap is 75%. With a max streamline you put yourself at 80%. Go for a rank 4 streamline to save a point on all of your builds that use this combo.


yup i know, but 1 single point aint gonna change anything :)

it's not like i'm gonna waste a forma because of that i mean

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The developers honestly had this in mind I'm sure, any player using a warframe build that neglected duration will only find profit from Transient Fortitude. Obviously, warframes with fewer duration-based abilities in their kit will benefit more from Transient Fortitude than those with many duration-based abilities. It will also give a damage buff to toggle abilities, since duration is not part of their calculation. That said, some players would become very happy if the more duration reliant abilities were reworked to become toggles.


It also can not be used alongside Blind Rage, so the integrity of the game is not broken by this mod, which I am glad for. Moreso, Blind Rage did essentially convert an efficiency mod to two power strength mods, just as Transient Fortitude converts a duration mod into two power strength mods.

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Eh there are a lot of frames that handle mass stun better, in your case it just looks like you'd be better off with a bit duration to slice enemies up with a single charge of smoke bomb. Shuriken and bladestorm suffer big time from Overextended.

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Nice idea!


But i'll stick to my allround build for Ash ;3 Still nice build though


EDIT: Actually i think i'll try it out. I mean no single Forma needed and a Ninja Like confusing play style. Theres nothing to loose :D


Cheers ~NovaCry

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