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Please Let Us Rename Config A/b/c. Too Much Building Confusion.


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When i had powers slotted into my Warframe i could tell immidiately by looking at the rest of the mods, what the builds purpose was, wether to minmax 1 power or 2, i knew what it was for.




Now that powers are no longer mods/mod slots, whenever i make a build, if i dont remember what it was for, i completely forget on like the next day. For example, Vaubon, i have 3 seperate builds for, which all use VERY similar mods with only slight shifts in strengths and focuses (range/efficiency/powerstrength/etc). So when i took a 3 day break because of the update being crashy and buggy at the time, i come back and ALREADY, i cant remember which build, focused on what powers or aspects.


My current solution: Writing it down on a piece of paper.


The best solution: Allowing players to Rename Config A - Config B - Config C  on all Warframes and maybe even on weapons/sent/kubrows etc. But most importantly on Warframes.


How?:  MouseOver any Config and right click from a dropdown option: Rename.


Will this cost more data useage on the companies part?  No, this could easily be on LOCAL MACHINE in a config file.

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It would also be great if we'd have a quick access to switching it in the mouseover menu on the top left (while not being in a mission).


Conclave Rating

Warframe [Level] 

[A] [B] [C]

Primary [Level]

[A] [C]

Secondary [Level]

[A] [C]

Melee [Level]

[A] [C]

Companion [Level]

[A] [C]


Letters replaced with whatever description you set.

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Agree with OP and commenters.


Renaming builds, or at least a notes section, would be a nice QoL improvement.  I can never keep track of the load outs on the frames. 


For my weapons they either have one loadout only, or they have three that always follow a pattern so I know which is which:


A: Void/general corrosive build

B: Anti-Grineer  (Rad or Rad/Viral)

C: Anti-Corpus  (Mag or Mag/whatever)

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