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[Video Guide] Getting Huge Syndicate Gain, Quickly




After coming across this trick for huge syndicate gain, I had to polish it up a bit and let you guys know :)


Enjoy the big gains!


ps: if you plan on doing this as a group, you'll need everyone to keep their conclave down to benefit. Think the gain like the level of a boss when attacking as a group.

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As i write in the comments: Eris - Dark sector defence 35-42(not sure) with only 1 weapon and fully modded frame and weapon at wave20-1.5k and at wave25-2k repu. No need to unmod everything and no need only melee, can use any weapon, just need to be sure your warframe get all or most of the Exp.


Best way Vauban Vortex and Speed nova, high start and fast run for that amount of reputation. you can go ODD but its slower. And the best if you have a weapon then play with only one killer and 2 ability user, bring a frest crafted weapon and you see at wave 20 leave and maxed weapon (i used to do it but with Affinity booster).

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