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Update 15 (All Hotfixes), I Got Problems.



Ok , soo I get this problem a lot since U 15 ,since the first U15 hotfix (now hotfix 15.5) I got a bad speed on hotfixes , it takes me like 3-almost 4 hours to complete a damm hotfix ..... Even the download of the whole game is better , and when i say bad update speed rate it*s like arround 35-57 Mb per second , honestly I kinda` loosed my minds over the past few days , spent like a whole day ,,praying`` for better speed rate.... I can tell you for sure that I don*t have lag when i play ,the waiting time in a party (example ODD ) is kinda good , if you need router , receiver information I can tell you that too but not now cause i am on tablet . yes i do play on steam and recently i changed to windows 7 ultimate (64 bit) , but in this momment i don*t have Directx 10 . sry for such a long story , if anyone can help, you have my big ,Thanks`!

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