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Separate Set Of Keybindings For Archwing


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Let me start by saying Archwing is great, the gameplay is incredibly fluid, and the melee combat may just be one of my favourite things ever in any game.

However I find it a tad difficult to execute certain moves whilst flying around, mostly due to the way some keys are bound.

For instance it is rather difficult to do a high speed roll to the left.

This is something that could easily be fixed by switching out a couple of bindings (toggle sprint etc) but at the same time, I find the setup I have perfect for normal combat.

In a number of other games there are completely separate control schemes for infantry combat and flying, which makes sense.

So my question is, would it be possible to get a separate set of keybinding options specifically for archwing?

It would definitely be a nice touch.

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This is an important moment, actually. I had an issue where I could not use afterburner in my first mission. I thought it was a bug, but it turned out it was because it's bind to "sprint" which is not binded anywhere in my loadout as I binded "sprint/roll" function to space and "jump" to Shift instead.

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