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Entering And Exiting Archwing Arsenal - Woooooop!


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Really though, of all the sounds they could have chosen, they went with this sound. It really sounds weak and lowers expectations for me entering the Archwing section for the first time to mod my Archwing. I'm entering the part of my ship where the heavy duty stuff is being kept. It should sound like I'm entering a hangar or a garage or something.

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great, now i cant un-hear it. it'd be cool if they showed you entering that area or let you walk there too like all the other stations, this areas just magically shows up

Agreed. Maybe it's nitpicking, but you can actually see all the areas and modules on the ship, and then the archwing hangar is just *poof*... suddenly there.

I was hoping for something like a transformation of the Arsenal into the archwing section. Or that the circle you stand on is actually an elevator that goes down into the hangar when you press it.


Hopefully it's still a work in progress or place holder.

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