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Archgun Is So Useless In Interceptation Missions


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There's no "better" it's just what you prefer to do. 

Melee's better at close range, Gun's better at shooting at a distance.


Me personally, I don't see the benefit of guns at all ATM.


For one, the enemies hurt like crazy, so you constantly have to keep moving and avoid as much damage as you can. The gun does little damage (Imperator at least), and the enemies aren't exactly as easy to hit when you're moving at hyperspeed in space. Not to mention it's painfully accurate and you have to aim on the dot and hold it there (Sustained damage), like Ash's teleport.


It's far easier to charge at the enemy and hit the melee attack once you're close enough to the enemy to lock on and start slashing at them for respectable amounts of damage.


At this moment I can only see guns becoming a valuable asset for large, slow moving enemies that require raw damage over mobility and quick attacks. For example, shooting down a warship's engines or other heavy unit.

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Yeah I found the melee to be better as well. The gun should have its DPS increased and given a sniper scope since targets are occationally hundreds of meters away. The range melee operates is almost equal to the gun since you can close that distance faster than it takes to kill with the gun.

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I'm using the sword for now, but mainly because I'm a melee type of guy generally. I usually go for the combo + parkour style of gameplay.


Melee + auto-target destroys with archwings. I've also scored damage mod, ice mod and speed mod for it so it kinda rocks. I've yet to find any decent mods for the gun. I have the choice of plinking away with the gun or destroying swarms with the sword. Sword wins.


I do use the gun from time to time on large groups of weak enemies, but it's not practical for anything else right now with the few mods I have for it.




I have had limited luck sniping enemies with the gun even when they're too far away to show the red triangle. With mods, it looks like it'll be pretty good. As others have said, it's hitscan.


Also, remember it's the basic arch-gun. It's like the archwing equivalent of the Braton. Serviceable, but probably needs formas to shine.

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I honestly don't think the Arch-Gun has the damage to compete with the melee weapons.  When I was doing the first Limbo mission (Interception), my Imperator was taking a bunch of bullets to kill enemies, but my melee weapon was cleaving them all in half like they were tissue paper.  This is with having the damage, fire, and toxic mods on my Imperator.  


In terms of kill speed, the Imperator just couldn't keep up with my Onorix.  My Onorix could shred up a huge group of enemies in seconds.  I'm talking half a dozen, maybe a dozen enemies in a few seconds (made possible by the fact that the melee seems to lock on and dash at targets, making it easy to take out big groups).  In the same time frame my gun might kill...two, maybe.

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iam doing my 2nd mission for proven fragment and  it very defficulty hard when the anemys have some how a god speed and fast god caping  towers and guss what  killing lvl 30 mobs with useless mods with no dicent dmg mod  like come i brly can kill one and when i try to run away they still killing me whail aim sprinting  srsly reduce there speed it really retared and even with dmg mods multi shot and base dmg increase is thiss doing redicules dmg this is way a downfall   

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Seconding this.


Out of the box, melee thrashes gun. Once you get gun mods, melee can't keep up at all.

Ya my melee one hits now, but that doesn't matter since I tend to kill most of the enemies before they can reach me. And since its hit scan I can pick off some of the enemies trying to cap nearby bases.

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My Imperator is maxed and it owns out in Uranus pretty hard. (I have the Corvas too but so far I'm not a fan.. Archwing gameplay mechanics are to fast for a slow charge style weapon.  Maybe w/ a ROF increase mod (Automatic Trigger) it will be better but for now it's junk.)


My Imperator has the following Mods on it so far:


Combustion Rounds Rank 5

Polar Magazine Rank 5

Venomous Clip Rank 5

Magazine Extension Rank 5

Dual Rounds Rank 5

Hollowed Bullets Rank 3

Paralax Scope Rank 3


Critical Chance 14.0%

Critical Multiplier 3.2X

Fire Rate 16.7

Magazine 400

Reload 2.0 <-- don't think I have ever had to do that! lol

Status 6.5%


Impact 20.8

Puncture 18.2

Slash 13.0

Toxin 62.4

Blast 124.8


My Imperator hit lvl 30 about 2 missions after my Onorix hit 30, so I'd guess I am split about 50/50 for gun/sword play, but probably a lot of that sword play was early when the Imperator and Corvas were both weak and worthless.  Now that it's strong and tears stuff up I expect it's either 50/50 or even more favored towards gun play. 


I'll add the caveat that I'm also running an Elytron Archwing and It's offensive punch is absolutely insane, Rank 3 Thumper just OWNS as in total Area Denial the operational area of the towers in Interception missions.

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Once you get some damage mods in, it becomes quite viable. Usually works with the notion that 0~150m is melee range and everything beyond requires bullets to the face.


The difference being that archwing mode enemies tend to actually dodge instead of just hanging around at range as they do in normal missions which leads to shots missing more often. They'll often jerk to the side as you fire at them, causing you to need to readjust when you notice it.


Still waiting to try the flak cannon weapon next.

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