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Unlocking Archwing Abilties?



what do all these numbers mean?

According to this picture i only have the first ability unlocked on rank 1, and i do not have ability 2 / 3 / 4.
However my archwing is level 10 already and the picture says i should have received the 2nd ability on rank 3, the third ability on rank 5 and the fourth ability on rank 10?



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the other numbers represent the next rank effects and how much progress you have towards the next rank.

you -should- have all of them unlocked at Rank 0, except Energy Shell, which is already Rank 1.

If you don't see them active in game, you either have not enough energy...or some sort of bug :o

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From what I can tell, you have unlocked the abilities, it is just that all but energy shell are currently unranked. The number on the left side of the bar is the number that unlocked the previous upgrade, while the number to the right of the bar is what level your archwing needs to be to unlock the next upgrade.

This ^

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