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Pc Crashes And Frezzing


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MY pc is a intel core i3 3rd processer with intel 4000 graphics but i know it is not the best but can run warframe but lately i have been having crashing and the game freezing in game and the loading time to play public match and missons is taking to long and it is not making me play with other players and the load time is long please developers fix it for me please

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1. Use "Verify" in launcher.

2. Use "Optimise" in launcher

3. Ensure that you are using the correct settings (32 bit vs 64 bit, DX11 vs DX10 etc.)

4. If they are correct and everything is optimised try switching to DX10 or even DX9

5. Disable/enable multi-thread rendering


If none will help come back here, we'll think of more options.

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