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I Can't Play Venus Tessera First Mission Of Archwing Quest Q.q



hello. recently the last sunday i updated my warframe to update 15. i have some problems to do the mission of venus tessera


in the quest of archwings


i loweled all my graphics and turned off my directx


i still waiting for a hotfix that can solve thiis issue and crash


the game say me i no have suficent grapich memory. but this not happened in the past


i have a laptop vitm2420

intel core i3-2310M 2.1G

a disk of 320GB SATA

RAM memory 2GB(DDR3)


i tried all but still not working anything...

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for me just grinds to a stop the game is still running but no longer responding as soon as the baddies show up. lotus says take cover and then  i stop moving then the environment sounds stop and finally the music. task manager says'it's using little to no cpu in comparison to what it normally uses. but yes i needs this fixed please.

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