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Hey everybody.

IDK what's going on, but I'm having an extremely hard time trying to get my port fowarding to work.

1) UPNP is enabled on my router and in warframe, but warframe refuses to recognize that it's enabled and such and gives me the strict NAT matchmaking error.

2) I opened up all the ports on my router that warframe needed according to the one guide that pops up on google when you type in "port fowarding warframe", and checked with a 3rd party tool to make sure that those ports work - they did.

2a) In warframe, they did not work. Rather, I get the message "Please ensure that your firewall permits access to UDP ports blah blah/blah blah2".


2b) I disabled all of my firewalls. This message still occurs.


3) I tried disabling the UPNP setting in Warframe to allow the manual use of port fowarding on my router. That didn't work.

My last and final step is to redownload warframe and hope that it fixes itself (ugh).

Unless you all have other suggestions?



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