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The Ingmatos "missles Are Overrated" - Patent Pending


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[Please Note: This post is going to be reworked with images and new updates.] 


"The Ingmatos" - This is actually a project codename for:











We at Armanite Intersteller believe the customer is always right. Usually. Sometimes. Basically what we're saying is if the customer wants to kill something, they're in the right. So shouldn't we should do what's right? Exactly what

we were thinking!


"What we've noticed with the Opticor is that in a fast paced combat scenario such as when using a warframe; stopping your movement and waiting for the charge up and release feels good but doesn't really work in tandem with your warframe. Here's what we've got in mind for the Ingmatos; Essentially we've taken some of the features of the Buzlock's targeting system, where with the Ingamatos you have to fire 3 quick laser darts within scope at a target for it to get a lock. If you shoot anywhere else or miss you lose the lock on the target. Once you've successfully locked onto an enemy you can retreat to move to a better vantage point while holding down the trigger. When you've held the trigger down long enough your warframe will spin around and automatically reposition aimed at the enemy - and release the high powered ballistic round with a satisfying crunch/explosion. You then have to reload a new shell into the gun and fire the 3 darts again to produce another shot." - Bart Armo, Armanite Head Engineer.







As you can clearly see here from our professional high grade combat simulations, the simple 4 step process is so simple even children could use the Ingmatos easily! [Armanite Interstellar does not condone the actions of children with weaponry and takes no responsibility for any ensuing accidents. Or ensuing lawsuits. Don't sue us.]


With regards to the mechanical capabilities, the gun takes roughly 1.5x - 2x [Depending on warranty voiding modifications] longer to fire the Inigmatos than it would be to fire the Opticor, so the damage is even higher to compensate. Plus, let's be honest... spinning around and decimating an enemy is pretty badass.


Another company began testing the staggering seismic capabilities of high powered weapons. So sure, we also slapped that on there too. Why not? With extra directional force and AOE stagger originating around the user and at the point of impact, your foes will be cowering in fear of your massive weapon that by no means compensates.


"I've always wanted to use a gun that turns people to liquid! And now I can!"- Satisfied Customer DZldB7N.png

Clearly, Armanite Interstellar only wishes for the best for our customers and for a small, small donation of 1,000,000 credits you can help support our next crowd funded venture! The Kubrow Kannon!



"Because we can."

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We are saddened today to announce that a very well respected member of Armanite Interstellar has been found dead in his apartment earlier the morning. While we have no knowledge of who might have done this horrible act, it may have something to do with the new Ingmatos designs he leaked several days earlier... but it really could have been anything.




Seriously though, I'm going to post a better version when I get my tablet.

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