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Varthorne's Shoppe

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Ahoy and welcome to my shoppe!


Everything (yes, I do mean everything) costs 5 platinum. EDIT: I am instituting a limit on the amount that a single person can purchase. The whole point is to give a lot of people the chance to get parts they need at reasonable prices, not allow one person to buy it all up and resell it all for a higher price.


As such, the limit imposed is of one item per person, which exception to items which may require several of a given part. Frankly, I'm in no rush to offload my stock, and it should be clear by my pricing that I'm not particularly greedy.


Note: Since I recently joined a new clan, I cannot access my clan's dojo. As such, I can only trade with those of you who already have access to one.



Weapon Parts:


Akbronco Prime Blueprint x4

Akbronco Prime Link x1


Ankyros Prime Blade x2

Ankyros Prime Gauntlet x2


Bo Prime Blueprint x3

Bo Prime Ornament x6

Boar Prime Blueprint x4


Boar Prime Stock x5


Boltor Prime Barrel x8


Braton Prime Blueprint x1


Bronco Prime Blueprint x4

Bronco Prime Receiver x3


Burston Prime Receiver x1

Burston Prime Stock x3


Dakra Prime Blade x1


Glaive Prime Disk x4


Latron Prime Blueprint x1

Latron Prime Barrel x1

Latron Prime Stock x1


Orthos Prime Blueprint x1

Orthos Prime Blade x1

Orthos Prime Handle x1


Paris Prime Lower Limb x2


Sicarus Prime Blueprint x1

Sicarus Prime Barrel x9





Ember Prime Blueprint x1

Ember Prime Chassis x2

Ember Prime Helmet x1

Ember Prime Systems x1


Frost Prime Blueprint x1

Frost Prime Helmet x2

Frost Prime Systems x2


Mag Prime Blueprint x8

Mag Prime Chassis x6

Mag Prime Helmet x3


Rhino Prime Blueprint x1

Rhino Prime Chassis x3

Rhino Prime Helmet x2

Rhino Prime System x3

Edited by Varthorne
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