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What I Think Is Wrong With Archwing.


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It's not rewarding. No incentives. Oh hey, new mods, well, guess what?

Drop rates are abysmal.


Want that new weapon? Well, go play AW Interception to each 4 rounds. OH, Common Warframe mods, we already have. Not a single piece have dropped for me since the update came out.


Now I understand that Archwing is a new concept, but it gets stale quickly. Mindless farming, unrefined controlled, unbalanced enemies, and hardly any incentives to play, besides it being used for missions (Limbo Quest)


Hell, the credit reward is around 1500-4000+, barely any XP, barely any points for syndicate, and barely any rewards.


That is the problem. There is no drive for players to keep playing like they do with void missions.


Hopefully, these problems will be addressed in the next update or so.

I understand that Archwing has just been released.

So hopefully, changes will come, and this gamemode will be much more balanced and enjoyable.


Tell me what you guys think, thank you for reading, have a good day.

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Why are there no resource drops?


Why are Warframe mods rewards in AW Interception and not, you know, Archwing mods?


Why is it actually more common to get fusion cores as drops than Archwing mods?


Why is it so hard to get Archwing mods?


Why are new weapons built with components and not resources?


Why is there no incentive to play Archwing mode with Warframes other than Frost and Rhino?  (Archwing promotional images have all sorts of Warframes flying around in space and it had me really excited to see what combinations we could pull off, but right now the only thing I see is Rhino and Frost to maximize health/shields/armor.  Can we use our Warframe's 4th ability with our Archwings?  Would be a simple way to add incentive for using something other than the toughest Frames in this mode.  Nekros summoning a squadron of Dregs to defend a node?  Trinity healing?  Excalibur swordploding IN SPACE?  Obviously their mechanics would have to be tweaked for Archwing use, but it shouldn't be too hard and wouldn't even be difficult to explain lore-wise.)


Why are Grineer enemies so much harder to fight than Corpus enemies?

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