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Angel Of Death (Nekros + Archwing)


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So, I got this interesting idea while playing with Nekros: it would be cool if his Archwings could leave some kind of trail that slightly resemble wings. So it would be a subtle nod to him being like "the Angel of Death" or something. I made a very crude and unpolished photoshop work and made this:




I'd love to see someone more talented than I recreate this, thus producing a more serious outcome.


Edit: thanks PhaZone and ExtremistBoomer!

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Can't say about making a fully detailed model, but you can post things on the forum by simply copying a direct image (not an image link, just the image itself) into the text box where you're writing and it will simply post the image.

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Slight issue with the post :/





I tend to use Gyazo to screen cap and then drag the image when it's uploaded to Gyazo into the forum box, to use the 'Spoiler' box, it's done like

DRAG IMAGE HERE 4b3e7d40e3aa98e7e7b1a6e511bf87c5.png



It's useful for making your posts neat and tidy if you section the posts or if it's an incredibly large post.

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