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Graphics Bug


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Interesting, I have a Geforce 560 GTX Ti with the latest drivers, I will log in right now and see if I have any issues like this. 


Also, well, nevermind, I was going to move this to PC Beta Bugs ----> Performance, or Art and animation, but technically it could fall under either.  So I am just going to leave it here.


on second thought, I think I will move it to performance as this has to be a tech issue.  Not an art/animation glitch.

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I've been getting this too as of now!

I've turned on Local Reflections and it happens. When I turn it off it fixes it.









The severity of it varies from area to area. Some parts of the map are really bad. Some are alright.


I ran one mission with local reflections on. It was fine for a bit. Then when I got into the next T2 Survival it happened.

The last time it happened I went into a dojo. Then I restarted the client and it was fine again. Is this the same with you Tubsie?

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Well, at least I wasn't the only one with that problem. It freaked me out a bit at first because everything looked so trippy. It was like that for me for many missions, only way to make it go away was if i relogged, but still that was only temporary.




Haven't tried the local reflection thing, guess I should do that.

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I was encountering this twice now after picking up Warframe after U15 again. It appears randomly even mid-mission but stays until I restart the program.


GPU is a 560 Ti with latest drivers but I can't consistently replicate it to single out the issue by turning off options one at a time.

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I'm getting this bug pretty often now too. Symptoms are the same as the above posters, along with a decrease in framerate.

Turning off local reflections solved the issue (sacrificing the usual prettiness though!)

Graphics: GTX 750

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Hi all got this bug few weeks ago and solved with switching off "local reflection..." got it again starting today and i had to turn off both "local reflections" and "ambient occlusion" to solve it... :\ it's starting to be a bit annoying.
I didn't got drops in frame rates though...

Running on GTX 560ti 

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