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Creepy Voice Chat Bug


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I was on Skype with a friend playing Warframe together on the Earth Archwing Interception mission Erpo. We -BOTH- have in-game voice chat disabled in our settings, so neither of us should have been able to hear any voices, but we both clearly heard a player asking to mark Archwing mods if they drop. Alright. Odd. Then we heard it one more time before Ordis emergency evaced me, even though I was well within the bounds of the map. After returning to my Liset, we both heard, yet again, the same player's voice. My friend is still in the mission with the other player, I am not. While it -IS- technically possible that the player's voice was picked up by my friend's microphone, no other sounds were picked up, period, by the microphone if that was the case. No archwing flight noises, shots fired, nothing. Then I decide to exit the game and log back in, but before I open Warframe again, guess what happened? One last time we both heard the player talk again about the Kubrow egg alert that just popped up. I was logged OUT of the game entirely. There is NO way I should have heard anything but my friend's voice through Skype. We are both very confused.

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