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[Quest/boss Concept] Sins Of The Old War


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The recent radio contest got me thinking about a way to bring some glimpses of the Old War back to the forefront, other than everyone's favorite Stalker.  


Quest Background Lore:

A handful of the low Guardians of the Empire escaped their deaths by Tenno blades when the Empire fell.  Most went into hiding, becoming wanderers, biding their time to take their revenge (i.e. The Stalker).  However, three immediately began a swath of vengeance for their fallen masters that shook the Tenno to their core.


Desperately grasping for the power to avenge their Emperors, the three Guardians threw themselves into the Void in an attempt to replicate the power of the Tenno for themselves.  And they succeeded, emerging as triumvirate with powers over the elements that were a match for any of the Tenno.


Gathering any Orokin ships loyal to the empire, the three, now calling themselves the Sins, assaulted the Tenno from the Void.  They opened stable portals onto Tenno controlled worlds and committed to a full out guerrilla war, pushing both themselves and the Tenno to the breaking point.  Eventually, the Sins and their allies overextend and were driven back into the Void by the Tenno.  The Sins placed themselves in stasis; deep in the vault of their own capital ship, before blowing the ship with as many Tenno aboard as they could.  They've drifted in the Void ever since.


Now the former glory of their shattered prison has been found, their vault pried open by greedy hands.  The Sins of the Old War walk the system again.  They have not forgotten, and they are coming for you, Tenno.




Quest Mechanics:

The structure of the quest would follow as such:


A) Sabotage-into-Exterminate-into-Assasination Missions:


Phase 1:Join with the Corpus and the Grineer (on their respective planets) to push back the invading Corrupted pouring through stabilized Orokin portals from the Void (i.e. Sabotage).  Reverse the portal and push your way into the Orokin ships controlled by the Sins, wherein the mission shifts to an Exterminate mission.  After killing the provided number of Corrupted, one of the triumvirate will appear.  Like the Stalker, the Sins will flee from combat with low enough health; they will have to be eliminated all at once to put them down for good.  After defeating the Sins enough times, the player will gather the required components to craft a key.   The key will grant them access to the tattered remains of the capital ship, located in the Void.


Phase 2 (or hurry up and wait time!): Craft the key from a blueprint purchasable from the market, can't have a quest without a wait time that can be lowered with plat!


B) Archwing Tunnel Run-into-Assasination Missions:


Phase 1: The cell is dropped into the void with Archwings, as the debris field surrounding the destroyed capital ship of the Sins is too dangerous for Ordis (*cough* pansy *cough*).  After navigating the debris field and defeating what Corrupted appear, the cell lands at the remains of the vault of the capital ship. 


Phase 2:  The Sins of the Old War go toe to toe with the cell, in a 3+Corrupted vs 4 fight, the number of corrupted scaling with player level and number of actual members in the cell.  Each of the Sins powers reflects Heat, Electricity, Cold respectively, each Sin borrowing from currently established Warframe abilities of course (cause why waste em, right?).  There will be no escape for the Sins this time, no longer fleeing when reaching low health. However, as the Sins posses warframes, they can revive each other. So eliminating them when downed is essential to completing the mission.

Quest Rewards:


We've got three elemental using Warframes, I wonder what rewards we can offer?


Maybe the previous Event Status Mods as drops from each of the Sins?


mmmmmmmmm? HINT HINT DE ಠ_ಠ



I just want my Amprex to have more status chance. :(







Radio Recording Contest:


This has been on my mind for a while, so I decided to do the radio chatter recording contest based off the Sins, announcing their return to the system and their revenge on the Tenno.  It's only 9 seoncds long, but I voiced each of the Sins, and I hope I conveyed some personality through the dialogue and my voice.  I hope you enjoy!


The Sins of the Old War Radio Chatter


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