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Update 15 Troubles


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A couple days before Update 15 I played Warframe. My experience with the game was normal, no complaints, get loot, rank up mods and equipment, just a normal day with Warframe. Then Update 15 launched, a great addition to the game. Although I cannot enjoy Warframe as I have previously. The startup screen to the login takes an absurdly longer time (loading now takes a minute and even longer, when prior to U15, loading took less than 10 seconds) and so do the loading screens when going to and fro from levels and the liset. This makes playing excruciating for me and makes it where I cannot play effectively with other players. My computer handles all other modern games with ease and with no problems and still runs like the first day I got it. I posted this in hope that maybe DE can solve this with a patch and that I may continue playing the game I invested with the Founder's Program and some micro-transactions here and there and hopefully not have to purchase a new computer.


I apologize if anyone thinks I am bashing the new update, is not my intention to do so. I really like the new additions to Warframe and I would like to continue playing. It is just the atrociously long loading times and startup of the game that really makes it tough to even want to put up with, rendering the game unplayable to me.



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