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In-Game Ui Displays Repel's Max-Rank Duration For All Ranks


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Based on the information that's displayed in the Arsenal UI, Repel should have a duration of 5 seconds at rank 0. Checking the actual duration in‑game next to the ability icon, a rank‑0 Repel lasts 11 seconds. At rank 1, Repel should last 7 seconds. Instead, I'm seeing an in‑game duration of 11 seconds once again. So it appears as though Repel's duration in the in-game UI is using the ability's max-rank duration regardless of the ability's actual rank.


At first, I was confused by what was being timed with Repel. From what I previously observed, Repel deals a fixed amount of impact damage in a specified radius, and enemies within the area of effect are violently pushed back and disarmed. I had mistakenly assumed that the specified duration of 5 / 7 / 9 / 11 seconds was meant for the disarm period. I'm now realizing that Repel both disarms and disables enemies, the latter of which causes enemies to become immobile for the specified duration.


So to summarize:

  • Repel's disable duration in the in-game UI (next to the ability icon) always uses the max-rank duration of 11 seconds regardless of Repel's actual rank.


  • After observing the amount of time it takes for affected enemies to move after being hit by Repel, the specified disable duration of 5 / 7 / 9 / 11 seconds is still correct, even if the in-game UI does not match.
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It's simply the stun duration of the ability bugging out. The timer always displays max rank duration. The actual functioning duration does not reflect the rank as well.


Even the duration mod does not affect the timer, it seems.

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Thank you pointing out that the duration is a stun duration. On closer inspection I'm realizing that affected enemies are not only permanently disarmed but temporarily disabled, which is what the specified duration is referring to. After measuring the amount of time it takes for affected enemies to move after being hit with Repel, I'm not noticing any problems with the mechanics. The in-game UI is just using the wrong duration.


I've edited the original post. Now this appears to be a UI bug.

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