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About The Archwing Scaling...


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So, Archwing scales with your frames stat...

i dont like that (currently) :s

but let me explain why:


If you play a frame, let it be Nyx, Nova, Vauban...whatever, those frames who cant take a load like Frost, Valkyr or Rhino, the frames that you play for the abilities...
are useless through this scaling system.
You will mostly see the "tanks" there, why would you pick something else?
Why pick a frame with low shield? or one with low health? its usually better to stick with the armored beast instead.

Thats the only thing that i dont like.
In groundfights, you can play different with those frames...in space i play usually the same, since whe dont have that amount of weapons that we have in the regular game.

Hope this changes with upcomming weapons and gear

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It's less to do with the fact that it scales off warframe health/armor/shields and more to do with the fact that those are the only stats that effect how archwings function.  Lighter frames need some bonuses to make up for the fact that they are light.  Outside of archwing they have their abilities and movement speed to make up for this.  They need similar bonuses in Archwing as well.

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the lighter frames have extra speed when running in archwing mode, more speed, the better. I know you can make up for it with Hyperion Thursters. But still that is the upside on it. I personally run archwing with my Mirage, i have no truble staying alive

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