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U15 Game Freezes


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I've noticed an abundance of crash reports since U15 but haven't had any of those myself, instead my game freezes every now and then ever since U15, it happens randomly, during a window transition or a battle or during the loading screen.


Happened about 4 times so far, been forced to close the game through task manager in each. Never had anything like it prior to U15 and I don't have issues with overheating and such.


I should also add that I have motion blur and reflections turned off, and I'm using x64 version.

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Ive had random freezes since 2 years ago and its still not fixed. Every few minutes the game will freeze for a second or two..


This however is really bad as when playing online it kicks me out of the game..


Try fixing S#&$ please.



p.s.did contact Warframe support twice but every time ater a long conversation it turned out nothing could fix it.

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