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Archwing Controls, Camera, And Tweaks


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Let me start off by saying that Archwings are awesome.


With that out of the way, here's my critique of the Archwings:


* If you're going to designate a constant "up" and "down" in space, make the "move up/down" controls always move you in those directions.  Make WASD relative to your orientation, but keep space and control constant.


* Give me an option for full 6 degrees of freedom.  When I'm aiming towards the arbitrary directions known as "up" and "down", I can't aim properly.  My view rotates about the up/down axis, not my Warframe's head/butt axis.  This is really annoying when almost all the enemies are at different elevations from you.  If you're going to allow the full 6 DoF, keep the current, relative motion of the "move up/down" controls.


* ZOOM OUT THE CAMERA!  I don't know how it's possible when I'm in space, but I start getting claustrophobic when I'm piloting the Archwing, and I'm at max FoV.


* Fix the disconnect between the hitscan HMG and its projectile animations


* Give me an HMG with travel time (maybe 1 km/sec) and no damage falloff.  Sometimes I just need to shoot a guy that's 1000+ meters away, but the default HMG does exactly 0 damage at that range.  The Imperator really shouldn't have damage falloff (there's no drag in space), but I'll let that slide since an HMG with 100% accuracy, almost no recoil, and hitscan would be slightly OP.

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