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Losing Mastery Points?


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When I first started playing U15, I had 6k-7k Mastery points left to Rank 18.

Yesterday I checked again, and it showed 10k points left (?), 10.063 if we want to be accurate.

Today I logged in and checked again, only to find that I am now missing 22.800???


Is the game trying to fool me or what? Has this happened to some of you as well?

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Same bug here,but worst then yours,I am in minus of exp.,leveling Limbo,archwing etc. was loosing exp.it goes down.I will quit the game for a few days,maybe more,to see what will be......Before archwing I was missin 35k exp to rank 17,from archwing it goes crazy,sometimes missin 12k,sometimes 30k,42 k,I am not sured what is that,like exemple today when I am logged in I was missin 16,320k,was playing with Limbo few levels,also leveling some ordinary weapons for few levels,and when I look at profile too see how much exp. I was gettin from leveling,lol,was suprised,missing 30,720 exp.nice 14k minus exp. I am afraid to level up,maybe it will go minus to rank O,lol

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