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Time To Find A Decent Value For Damage Reduction



So yeah, I need all your help here.


Current Values for Reference: 50% Damage Reduction to Shields, 75% Damage Reduction to Health


Highest Possible Health and Shield Values- Zephyr (1290 and 1290 with max Redirection/Vitality/Vigor)


After Damage Reduction application (no armor or damage type considered), total durability goes up to: 7740


With the least durable frame, Loki, durability values go up to: 3870 (645 health/shields)


Please Note: Not every player equips a maxed version of these 3 mods, but we'll use them as as a benchmark.



So I need you guys to figure the type of Damage Reduction that will keep AS MANY weapons VIABLE as possible.


True balance is impossible at this point without sacrificing diversity. You guys all know why damage reduction is necessary. But you guys also know why too much damage reduction is bad.


So to start, you guys can use websites like Warframe Builder or actually build weapons yourself to find damage values, burst dps values, etc...


Now here are other things to keep in mind:


- Burst weapons generally should kill in at most 3 bursts, but optimally 1 to 2 bursts. Their stats may vary.


- If damage reduction is too low, most melee can kill within 1 or 2 hits, especially staffs at a ridiculous range.


- Explosive weapons should kill within 1 shot, although they may be obsolete to one shot hitscan weapons.


- Bows and Crit Snipers can handle Damage Reduction the best.


- Soma, Boltor Prime, Latron Wraith, and LOTS of endgame weapons can kill in one hit at a very fast firerate if the  damage reduction is too low.


- Beginning level weapons generally reach a burst dps of 6,000 dps to 10,000 dps depending on your mods. Possibly closer to 10,000 with Heavy Caliber, possibly reaching up to 14,000 burst dps.


- High level weapons usually have a burst dps of higher than 20,000 dps WITHOUT Heavy Caliber.


- Handcannon/Shotgun Pistols have the overall highest burst dps, but are REALLY difficult to use and are really situational.


- While most melee weapons have a slide attack of around 1,000 to 2,000, some fast coptering weapons can extend all the way to 3,000 and 4,000. Others rely on crit chance to receive an insane slide damage.



(Keep in mind that all these values may or may not be correct.)


I can come up with some estimates from memory, but here are some vague numbers.


Burston Prime has a damage ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 per burst depending on pure damage builds or status builds.


Weapons like Karak, Dera, Boltor, Grakata, Braton, Flux Rifle, and Tetra have similar dps, with a trend of:


300-700 Damage (Depending on if equipping Heavy Caliber or not.)

8-20 Firerate (Depending on if equipping Speed Trigger or not.)


These are fully modded values, although numbers don't simply represent the gun.


Endgame weapons can reach stats of:


1,000-10,000 Damage (Depending on type of weapon.)

5-20 Firerate (Depending on type of weapon.)


These are vague numbers, so I really hope you guys can contribute into finding a "perfect" Damage Reduction that can account for most of our weapons.

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The best damage reduction is Valkyr's 4.   You're welcome.

Hysteria literally only lasts 2 seconds in Conclave.  Nice try though ^_^


It's a shame that this thread for determining something so important to the future of Conclaves is going to be buried under Players helping Players...


But priorities first I guess...

Seems a moderator moved it to PVP Feedback.


As for your idea, OP.  Not to generalize player types, but no matter what DE does for damage - as we all saw with the damage reduction near Update 14 - PVP players who max their weapons with 5-8 forma will ALWAYS do more damage than the PVE players who forma weapons solely for PVE missions... ... No matter HOW MUCH you change the damage reduction, the player who maximizes his/her builds for PVP will have the upper hand over PVE players, and that doesn't even include parkour/rolling instincts.


idunno, DE can do whatever they want, but the more they reduce the damage, the more it penalizes new conclave players when facing conclave regulars.

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