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Arena-New Game Type


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so i thought of a fun concept, it might have been thought up before, but an arena mode. So this is how i picture the story going, and i'm going to use, sorry if i get the name wrong, Red Veil for the basis of this arena.


'Tenno, its time for you to prove your worth to the Red Veil cause. We have constructed an arena where we have contained some of the most vicious crimanls and most worthy to be burned in the cleansing fire for you to do battle against, and prove yourself to the Red Veil."


could use work, but you get my point.


Basic concept:  10, 20, 30, and 40 round arena. And no 1 round equals 3 waves crap, each wave is one round, so 40 waves is the best you can do. Think defence, but nothing to defend, survival but no air supply, excevation but no drilling. Straight up survival. At 10, you face a boss, 20 you face two bosses, thirty 3 and fourty you face 1 'epic' boss. Or in my idea, an Orokin boss. something we've never seen before unless you count nekros's Boss in the derelict ships. Each arena would take place in a procedural style room. Each room would contain random traps. The wave choices would be ranked as such. Bronze: 10 waves, Silver: 20 waves, Gold: 30 waves, Platinum 40 waves. MY prefrence would be if you manage to kill the ubber boss that you win at least say...5 to 10 platinum? mind you, by this level they would be at least around level 100...not to sure how to do the leveling system, but i know jumping the enemy up to 200 would be a bit unfair, and you'll see why under Players section.


Traps: Well we have to have teh basics of course, frost floors, rotating lasers, thumper pads, but add in fire traps, electric trips like on grineer ships and also one new one, i get this idea from dead space, gravity traps. Either pushing up, which could be used to the advantage of the tenno, or slamming down, which if caught while in the air, could be the most devistating.  Gravity down traps would have spikes where they pull the tenno down, and gravity up where the tenno is thrown up to. so if the tenno isnt' paying attention, they take damage. The spikes would do standard slicing damage. Oh, and i didnt' forget, poison fog traps curtosey of Nekros's boss as well.


Players: I'm all for co-op experience, but lets face it, tenno arn't always going to be there for you. In the arena, the maximum amount of players allowed inside is 2. Face death with a friend, or stranger, but its you and one other, or you go at it alone. I think this is great because plenty of people have gotten to the point where their weapons are op, my own ice beam of doom is well on its way, an di havn't even maxed it out once yet. This helps balance the enemies numbers so that its not going to be skewed to one player with the better weapon, it will take two to stay alive, unless you have rockets...rockets work really well.


Game: So, who runs this arena? Well, lets take some cues from all the crazy arena's around the game world. borderlands, you have moxxie, and Torque, diablo 3 you have an undead half angel half demon, these are just two examples of how crazy and strange the arena people can get. From crazy, to serious, to insane, to evil the fun cannot stop. So the Game Master is simple, Ordis, who better to run a mad house, then the mad ship...or rather, A mad ship. After the original fall of the tenno their ships were derelict, this recovered AI is similar to Ordis but has been repurpoused for the arena. *i'd like to note that it should NOT be annoying as heck.


Rules of the Arena: So the rules are quite simple, rule 1, Tenno will kill anything that enters the ring. Rule 2 Tenno will refraim from splattering blood on the cameras. Rule 3: seriously, that blood thing, its a pain to clean. Rule 4 Prizes are only given out, to victors. Thats right, you only get the prizes, if you finish. You die on round 40, big man himself kills you, you get nothing. Every ten levels the tenno will get a random prize, much like survival, but its accumlative. The chance each round is the same no matter what round your on, the diffrence being how many prizes you get, and the better precent of rares you get form doing more then 10 rounds.


How to play: So let me to ahead and break down the four ranks. Every five levels, its time to take a break.

Bronze: level 5-The ground is lava. All enemies are drones/flying units, no ground units. Sheild osprey mine osprey, oxium osprey etc. Both infected and non. Level 10-Boss round. I was thinking Jackle, good simple boss to kill. Keep him similar to how you fight him normally, drones flying in consistantly during the fight. All enemies must be killed to end the round.


Silver: level 15-Acid Rain. the players do not get sheilds for the entire round, but neither do the enemies. All ground units, no flying units, and all melee based units gain a speed bonus. level 20-Boss. I forget the big guys name, Kyrl or something, the one with the giant hammer thats with Vey Hek. and also, veh hek. If someone can provide me with the proper names i'd appreciate it.


Gold: level 25-Specters. We can put specters on our solar rails to defend them, but it seems that the arena had teh same idea. fight Ghosts of fellow tenno to beat this wave. 30-Boss. The grineer sisters, the three that hunt you normally only in certain missions.


Platinum: level 35-Boss. Everyones favorite assassin, Stalker. In this way stalker will 'break in' to the arena, to attack the tenno when they are weakened, kill him, and kill him quickly. If stalker stays in the round four five minutes, he will plant a bomb that will blow up the arena killing all the tenno inside. the bomb is hidden and has a 2 minute countdown, find it quickly tenno, or your arena match is over, in a bad way. 40-Orokin Boss. The Hive mind. I don't know if the orokin tower AI have a real name? So hive mind seems to fit. A giant mechanical drone of sorts, think moa meets jackle. Its an orokin construct one that has gone berserk and no longer can function normally.


So thats my idea. i think it would rock. The arena would just be a large circular space ship that the Red Veil opperate out of, this could work for all the syndacates but would just have to be altered slightly.

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I think DE didn't make an arena mode yet because it looks like too much with defense, but you need to defend yourself instead of an cryo.

exactly :). we need a survival, not survial with air supplies, just flat out survival keep the grineer/infected/corpus preoccupied while some other tenno operatives steal/find/research oher materials.

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