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Noisy Kubrow In The Spaceship


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looks like the puppetlovers win


so, i dont care anymore about the for me disturbing useless attentionbarking of the kubrow in the spaceship, i simply lower the volume after the first attention-bark


im glad and i guess that pixel-puppetlovers can have some development, maybe some kubrow-beauty-salon where they can order pink bow-ties, curly fur and coats that their kubrows dont get a flu at the iceplanets, and maybe there will come "this lill-pony-skins" for your kubrows too XD


even the nails of the kubrows can get styled with colours at the kubrow-beauty-salon and maybe there will come lullaby-music especially for kubrows that they can sleep better after supporting in the battlefield ...


congrats, kubrow-lovers, possible "hug yer kubrow-pet-animation-stances" will apear soon on christmas beside santa claus hats for them, dont forget to share youre screenies :-))))))))))))))))))))))

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