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Archwing Is Broken


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I own my archwing. I went through all the missions (AND ALL OF THE CRASHES) to get the stupid thing. And then I try to do the archwing missions and, LOLNOPE, 'you must have an archwing and have completed the archwing missions to do this'.


Well too bad I've already done that.


The quest is finished. I have my archwing equipped in my character screen. I finished the bloody mission to GET the archwing. I flew it around. I relogged and got a stupid broken notification that I'd 'finished a timeline' or whatever that was telling me that I need to go FIND THE PARTS FOR THE ARCHWING THAT I ALREADY BUILT.


But surprise surprise, the quest is already completed so I can't even go back and re-do the mission in the hopes to fix this utter clusterfuck of broken.


Needless to say, I'm a little bit irritated.


I'm so glad I spent four hours downloading this game again just to be greeted with a veritable unsurpassable wall of broken.


And here, have some proof of how utterly broken this is. My mission screen:




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