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Lost Syndicate Rep / Discrepancies.


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  I've been casually working on my Syndicate Reputation, while leveling some new weapons and frames.

After a while I checked and increased my rank (Arbiters of Hexis) to the first tier (Principled), and continued

on as normal. Later on that day, I checked again, only to notice a discrepancy in the positive rep of my

Arbiters of Hexis standing, compared to the negative reputation of the Red Veil. The difference is small,

only about 400 reputation. But it was confusing, trying to figure out where it came from.


  After some searching to figure out the cause, to no avail. I decided I would test to see if the discrepancy

could be reproduced in another set of Syndicates. So I decided to test with the allied and opposed

Syndicates, (Cephalon Suda, and The Perrin Sequence, respectively).


  Later on in the day, I finally figured out what the cause of the discrepancy is. It appears that reputation

gained when at the max reputation for a Syndicate, is lost. While your standing with the enemy Syndicate

is automatically pushed to the next negative tier, and continues to drop.


  I'm hoping that this is simply a  bug, and rep should carry over, similar to how Mastery Rank XP carries

over, even if you don't take (or fail) the test. Making it so you don't lose the gain, but are also unable to

receive the benefits of the next rank.




  Moving more into the realm of suggestions, in regards to this issue...


  If it is the intent of the devs to have the positive rep function in this way, (with the ability to lose rep gains

if you don't monitor your standing carefully). It would be nice if the enemy / opposed syndicates to your

current chosen Syndicate do not drop to the next tier of negative rank, until you upgrade your rank



  It seems rather unfair that one should incur a penalty from an enemy / opposed Syndicate.

Even though you've not yet commited to, and are therefore not gaining the benefits, from the Syndicate

to which your negative standing was caused.




  If this is functioning 'as intended'. I appologize for placing this in the wrong forums. If a mod would be so

kind as to move it to the appropriate suggestions sub-forum. I would greatly appreciate it. I just didn't want

to post this twice, in seperate sub-forums, and like I said. Really hoping it's just a bug. ^_^

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