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Wts Prime Weapon Parts,stance Mods, Rare Mods

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Mod's are at base lvl. (x1-2-3 means the amount i have)

Selling this stuff for cheap.


IGN is NenTyx but im not online all day there :P


Best way to contact me is steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/NenTyx  (feel free to add me anytime im online for most of the day. 


Forma BP x4 (if tradeable)

Bo Prime Ornament x1

Latron Prime BP x3

Hikou Prime Stars x1

Burston Prime Stock x2

Paris Prime Upper Limb x1

Paris Prime Lower Limb x3




Thunderbolt x2

Energy Channel x1


Fusion Core Rare x9

Sentinel : Fired up x1




Burning Wasp x5

Clashing Forest x5

Fracturing Wood x1

Gemini Cross x5

Shattering Storm x1

Grim Fury x1

Sundering Wave x1

Raping Spirals x1




Coiling Viper x2

Flailing Branch x2



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