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My Sahasa Captures Vip's!


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I was running a few T1 + T2 Captures looking for Prime parts and my trusty Sahasa, Ares, would pin the VIP down. It was a surprise at first. I thought I had the wrong kubrow. Then once I capture the downed VIP my Sahasa starts digging, I shrug, and move on to next target thinking Ares glitched out on me.


Then he does it on the next VIP. I extract, rinse and repeat. Ares repeatedly held down VIPs.


I have read on the wiki that this will happen when they cannot kill bosses/assassins outright with Ferocity. I don't run Captures a lot so have not seen this happen before.


I have a Sunika as well but after seeing Ares in action tonight I am beginning to think my Sunika will be in permanent stasis.



Anybody else having this happen? (I read another post saying they patched it out but I am unsure what exactly they patched out now)

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Yep. Sahasa will tackle bosses and capture targets. Sunika's special ability is only good for nabbing capture targets. 


That said, Sahasa and Sunika both share the Ferocity ability (Sunika's just has a different name) so they're both capable of tackling boss enemies and such. 

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